Wolfe Mechanical & Equipment Company

At Wolfe Mechanical, we take care of our customers’ needs from the drawing board to field installation. We specialize in custom fabrication of stainless steel ASME, API & UL142 storage tanks, mix tanks, jacketed pressure vessels and pipe coils—to create just what our customers want. Wolfe Mechanical field crews are experts at installing tanks and reactors, additions and handling code repairs, modifications and certifications. After 50+ years in business, you can count on us to provide service you can trust…at prices you’ll like.

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We stand behind our work and repeat customers are the best endorsement of our commitment to customer satisfaction.  We use the highest quality materials and expert craftsmen to fabricate our products with great skill and care. When a product rolls off of our lot, you can be assured that it has the Wolfe Mechanical seal of approval. That’s a promise.


We’ve been around since 1971, the key to our success and longevity is because Wolfe puts a premium on customer satisfaction. At Wolfe Mechanical, we’re proud of our heritage and the expertise we’ve offered our clients quality stainless steel fabrications for over four decades.


By specializing in custom vessel fabrication, Wolfe is able to offer very competitive product value to our customers.